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Hotellistat offers an All.In.One. RMB (Revenue Market & Business Intelligence) solution for all your needs regarding revenue management, business intelligence, reputation management, social media, and more.
No switching around between systems anymore.

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Our Approach?

With Hotellistat you get ONE system for all areas of digital market positioning, revenue management and market analysis. With our innovative approach as a RMB (revenue- market- and business intelligence) system, you can save money and time!


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Why Hotellistat

Your advantages

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User centric design
Our system is designed to handle many different tasks such as displaying data or managing revenue. So when developing features we always place the user at the core of the idea. This enables our system to give you a unprecedented level of usability and efficiency.
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Our network for your advantage
Hotellistat has a vast network in the hotel industry. Get great deals and access to other systems through Hotellistat.
Our vision is to create one integrated system that can handle all areas of hotel management and analytics. By creating a all-in-one solution, we are able to control each area of our system and make working with it as seamless as it should be. You can finally get rid of all of your fragmented management systems and use our central solution.
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Efficient workflows
Always one step ahead. Innovative Revenue Management directly out of the rate-shopper saves time and additional work in the PMS.
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Personal support
We are dedicated to giving you the support you need. Do you want a new feature? Are you having problems? Just give us a call and we'll be there for you!