Revenue Management

Hotel Revenue Management! With Hotellistat.

Revenue increase made easy! Thousands of prices are analysed by our Revenue Management Software. With our unique strategy definitions you can create a personal yield management strategy. Increase your revpar at ease!
Hotellistat revenue management
Hotellistat revenue management basic


  • Set prices and restrictions directly via “drag & drop” in the the rate shopping overview
  • Control all rate codes with our PMS connection
  • Derive your rates in Hotellistat and be even more flexible!
Hotellistat revenue management genius


  • Our Revenue Management Tools suggest the perfect price
  • Create strategies and let the computer monitor and execute them
  • “If it is raining on a weekend, and the occupancy is below 60%, open the promo rate”
Hotellisat revenue management functions

This is how it work’s

  • Use the algorithm from Hotellistat and let “the computer do it”
  • Define whether to use OPEN PRICING or a RATE STRUCTURE structure - Hotellistat does the rest
  • Define Strategies by room-type or by rate-plan